World Profile Group provides consulting and specialized services in strategic marketing, integrated communications and media. Working with governments, organizations, corporations and individuals worldwide, we achieve our clients’ objectives through the intelligent and strategic use of information, marketing practices and the media.

With a pioneering team comprised of multi-talented professionals and leading experts in the field, at World Profile Group we have the experience, the resources, the intellectual assets and engineering capacity to realise custom-tailored and powerful concepts to accomplish your goals. We always ensure that your message will be delivered effectively across an influential audience of decision-makers and opinion leaders in politics, business and investment.

We aim for tangible results, through a sharp blend of first-class services, strategic thinking, creativity and innovation. In today’s world, a successful and intelligent strategy can become a powerful vehicle to convey a fresh perspective, challenge stereotypes, impact on behaviours and achieve maximum leverage.

With offices in Washington D.C., London and Dubai, we keep abreast of the global political and business arena, bringing to light unique, impactful and unprecedented insight and information on new and developing areas of opportunity.

Our expertise and unique know-how expands to entire geographic regions and more than 120 countries, allowing us a deep understanding and appreciation of the world’s diversity and diverse economies.

We give you the competitive edge of combining a global reach, a global outlook, and a local insight.