GLOBAL REACH GLOBAL OUTLOOK LOCAL INSIGHT We understand your business, we understand your challenges, we help you grow and become a key player in the 21st century. KNOW MORE GAIN GLOBAL PRESENCE AND INFLUENCE We profile the leaders in this new dawn of enterprise. We highlight investment and business opportunities worldwide. We showcase competitive industries in emerging economies. Communicate unique landmarks. Showcase your achievements. Reach decision makers. With more than 15 years of experience, our client base expands in more than 120 emerging markets worldwide. SEE OUR WORK Utilizing unique media platforms and powerful solutions.

Welcome to World Profile Group

We highlight and deliver impactful information on dynamically emerging economies and their fastest-growing market sectors, through the world’s leading and most effective media platforms, in print, television and the web.

Global Reach

Gain a global reach through impactful media and marketing platforms that reach the world’s leaders and decision-makers in politics, business and investment, bringing you closer to your counterparts and stakeholders.

Global Outlook

Gain a global outlook through a balanced approach and a fresh perspective that challenge perceptions and stereotypes, giving you a better understanding of global politics, emerging economies and those trends that shape our world today. 

Local Insight

Gain a local insight through vital information on emerging economies, showcasing their sociopolitical progress, economic growth, challenges, as well as key investment and business opportunities, coming directly from the local leaders in business and politics.

Expert Approach

Our unique approach to uncovering opportunities in emerging markets is rooted in our deep appreciation and understanding of trends, culture and politics. Our expertise expands to more than 15 years of hands-on experience, a vast international network, on-site interviews, research, and in-depth knowledge, covering entire regions, distinctive economic sectors, and more than 120 countries.

Unique Services

Passionate for what we do, we strive to offer first-class services to our clients, as well as to our global and influential audience. We remain dynamic and innovative in utilizing the world’s most powerful platforms for delivering your message in an informative and unbiased manner. It is this creative and analytical approach that gives us the competitive edge in a rapidly changing global environment.


World Profile Group collaborates with globally renowned media, in print, digital and television, to deliver your message in the most effective and strategic manner, reaching directly a highly influential audience in business and politics across the world.

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