About Us

Gain a global reach, a global outlook and a local insight.

World Profile Group specializes in marketing, strategic communications and media. We deliver impactful information on dynamically emerging economies and their fastest-growing market segments, through the world’s leading and most effective media platforms, in print, television and the web.

We offer a communication bridge through which governments, companies and individuals from emerging economies can connect with their counterparts and communicate mutually beneficial opportunities.


Working with governments, corporations and individual clients worldwide, we achieve your objectives through the intelligent and strategic mix of information, marketing and media.


With a pioneering team comprised of multi-talented professionals, we have the experience, resources and engineering capacity to implement custom-tailored and powerful concepts.


We deliver first-class services and tangible results through a blend of strategic thinking, creativity and innovation. Intelligent communication is a powerful vehicle for maximum leverage.


We highlight impactful information on existing or emerging areas of opportunity. Our expertise expands in more than 120 countries, allowing us a deep understanding of the world’s diverse economies.

Powerful Solutions
Our work focuses on crafting powerful platforms to showcase your socioeconomic progress, assets, opportunities and challenges, connecting you with your influential counterparts.
Integrated Services
Customized services fulfill your objectives and reach those who matter: governments and opinion leaders, business leaders, investors and strategic partners, clients and competitors.
We distinctively position our clients in the global marketplace, but also in the minds of our influential audience. We enhance your brand, capitalizing on your most compelling assets.
Global Connection
We bridge the world’s economies, allowing them to communicate visions, objectives and opportunities. We strengthen your distinct identity, influence, visibility and value.

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