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Our Business Reports and Programs


World Profile Group, in line with worldwide leading media brands, delivers publications and print features that present in-depth information on emerging economies and developing markets. Our cutting-edge editorial analysis, extensive on-site research and sharp design provide a balanced and objective insight into exciting business and investment opportunities, matched with an informative overview on the sociopolitical environment, the challenges and the incentives of conducting business in emerging markets.

Our features present interviews with political and business leaders, captains of industry and high-ranking officials.

Our features are always published as part of the magazines we work with and not as a separate pull-out (or supplement).


World Profile Group is a leading expert in creating and realizing all-in-one production campaigns and programs for governments, companies or individual clients, so as to deliver their message effectively on a global scale, through leading media platforms. By challenging stereotypes, increasing awareness, building distinct identities, enhancing visibility and delivering results, our television and digital campaigns and programs enable our clients to inform a powerful audience of millions of people. We showcase your strongest business and investment opportunities, effectively matched with the most targeted tools and cutting-edge technology in the multimedia industry.

Our Video Portfolio and Services include the production of:
Custom Programs, Profiles, Interviews, Infomercials, Documercials.