CAMBODIA: Energy & Agriculture – Opportunities Combined

‘Cambodia: Energy & Agriculture – Opportunities Combined’ showcases how the Energy sector is on the rise, creating new capacities and extending the transmission network through new investments in power generation, with a direct positive impact in pillar sectors of the economy, such as Agriculture.
EAC and EDC play a key role in this process, with the former regulating the energy sector, and the latter expanding the national grid and the supply of energy throughout the country. Better energy supply has a lasting effect on Cambodia’s agriculture, amongst others. Addressing such challenges reinforces the growing activities of companies such as AMRU Rice, Cambodia’s second-largest exporter of rice, to gain a competitive edge in the global markets, through improved infrastructure, modernized production units and increased productivity.


Global broadcast on Bloomberg Television across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), US and the Americas: October 2015.